Everything You Need To Know About Petite Clothing

3 min readMay 28, 2021

Selecting a perfect outfit is not easy, especially if you are below 5"3'. However, to ease out your struggle, we have mentioned a list of guidelines so that you get a perfect outfit every time. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for petite jeans ankle or outfits. This guide will ensure that you have a perfect dress for every occasion in your closet. So, what are you waiting for, ladies! Start scrolling to unravel the secrets.

petite jeans ankle
Petite Jeans Ankle

Few color options or Monochrome outfits

It is best for women under 5"3' to go for an outfit with fewer color options or monochromatic dresses. These petite dresses are perfect for creating an illusion of longer height with an even torso & legs, which is a dream for every petite woman out there. If you are slightly heavier, it is best to select monochromatic outfits with dark colors. Dark colors often create the illusion of a slimmer body, and a monochromatic outfit creates the illusion of longer height.

Follow the 2/3–1/3 look outfit rule.

While selecting Petite Clothing Online Stores, make sure that you follow the 2/3–1/3 rule every time. If you follow this 2/3–1/3, your outfit will create the illusion of longer height without worrying about any additional effort. Usually, knee-length dresses that are well-tailored are perfect for hiding those unwanted bulk on the side. Add skin-colored shoes to your look, and you are good to rock any occasion.

Petite Clothing Online Stores
Petite Clothing Online Stores

Get the right fit

Well, there is nothing much to explain here. A perfect well-tailored dress with the proper fitting is an add-on to any outfit and will serve the intended purpose it is designed for. However, getting the right fit & size outfit is crucial for women under 5"3' as it creates a balance in the overall look and creates the illusion of a longer torso. For example, if the sleeves of your outfits are a bit longer, they can hamper the overall dress look. There are always ways to shorter your sleeves and make sure that you are well dressed for every occasion.


There is no harm in saying that heels are petite women’s best friends. However, there are a set of rules that are needed to be followed to make sure things go as you want them to be. Getting the right size heels is the key as it creates the illusion of a proportional height which is what every petite woman’s dream. While selecting the right heels, selecting the right color heels is equally important for you. Make sure the color of your outfit and shoes matches. Skin color heels are a perfect gift for every petite out there. These blend in with the color of your skin and thus create the illusion of longer legs.

Right accessories

Your special outfits and shoes and outfits equally play an important role in creating that longer height illusion. If you select an accessory that is not in proportion with the body, this could spoil your overall look. The longer your height, the bigger your accessories such as handbags need to be. So make sure while choosing a handbag, you go for the one that matches your overall physique. Avoid oversized handbags or other accessories as these are not the perfect options & will make you look smaller.

So, that’s basically what you needed to know about petite outfits. Make you keep these things in mind while selecting the next outfits to ensure that your closet is filled with the right dresses for every occasion.




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